Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence charges can change your life forever; let an experience attorney help! Contact Brunkhorst Law, LLC today!

"It was just an argument"...… "she pushed me first"...…     "he lied to the cops"

In Kansas, law enforcement have a mandatory arrest policy in cases where this is a domestic relationship. If law enforcement is called, someone is likely going to jail. 

Josh spent most of his career as a Prosecutor evaluating and prosecuting person crimes, such as Domestic Violence. Josh has handled numerous Domestic Violence related cases. He knows that each one is not the same as the other and not everyone who is charged with a crime of Domestic Violence committed a crime. Whether there is a claim of self-defense, or there was mutual combat involved between the parties, Josh will vigorously pursue each and every available defense to the allegations made against you! 

If you have been accused of or arrested for any of these charges; contact Brunkhorst Law, LLC today to help!